Living a “Dialogue in the Dark” experience will take your free time to a whole new level!

Dare, share, and care! These are the three “Dialogue in the Dark” principles that turn each event into an unforgettable celebration. Participants are taken to a breathtaking adventure where the sense and imagination make a perfect tandem. The same reality – a different way to see and appreciate it.

Invite your colleagues and friends to feel the spirit of celebration with every single human sense except sight. You will dive into the environment with no physical images to hide behind. Instead, you will be touching, talking, smelling, and tasting. In darkness, daily routines will emerge as a challenge, a victory to win through successful communication. And then music will take over the dialogue, leaving only the melodic sounds and imagination creating pictures.

We organise entertainment events depending on individual orders and preferences. Birthdays and family celebrations, hen parties or a blind date in darkness – an experience of building and strengthening relations you will never forget. There no one remains a passive spectator, for those who disconnect cease to exist in the dark.

For more information, write us to or call at +370 682 63312.

Waiting to meet you in the dark!

Tickets to “Dialogue in the Dark” events may also be purchased using “Laisvalaikio dovanos” services.

Participant comments:

Lost in the whirl of everyday life, we sometimes forget to pay attention. “Dialogue in the Dark” has made us discover the magnitude of what we can see and experience in complete darkness. “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Kristina, Ričardas & A. de Saint-Exupéry, 21/07/17

Thank you. I have realised what living in the dark means.

Aldona, 27/07/17

“Kvadratas” says thank you for the great experience! And my personal thanks for the amazing birthday greeting 😊

Aurelija, Jūratė & Edvinas

Seems, we could experience it over and over again and it would still be exiting, never the same. Darkness is different each time you enter it: different feelings and perceptions, different people. So many thoughts and emotions that no book could contain… THANK YOU!!! PS A little suggestion here to expand thematic areas and attract even more people: have you considered introducing some more entertainment, such as playing “Mafia”? I will definitely come back!

Greetings from Šaltinis SC & Ženia, 18/05/18