“Dialogue in the Dark” workshops

Experiential seminars and events to bring together teams and build stronger relationships within companies.

Imagine a world without light. When visual information no longer dictates your senses, how do you perceive the environment, yourself and others?

More than 70% of information entering the brain daily is visual. Taken away the sight, participants are forced to leave the comfort zone and then reflect upon their experiences.

Why is it so effective?

“Dialogue in Dark” creates an emotionally impactful environment where people must reorient themselves according to the new circumstances that challenge them to explore novel practices of interaction and cooperation. Participants spend 2 to 3 hours in darkness solving a wide range of practical tasks. Their performance and progress is supervised by specially trained blind guides who constantly introduce abrupt changes and unpredictable scenarios, both environmentally and emotionally. Since the sense of vision is entirely blocked, no one can remain a passive spectator and must engage in every aspect of this blind dialogue. Without a predictable situation and access to information through vision, the ability to listen, knowing how to trust and work as a team become invaluable tools. Alongside, “Dialogue in the Dark” promotes safe, professional and acutely private space for self-reflection, an oasis where to rethink one’s goals and efficiency.

The benefits of workshops

Having temporary lost the sight, a person has no remedy but to activate other resources of their bodies, awake unused potential, and stimulate new skills. Particularly in such pursuance, fruitful listening and interaction acquire a vital meaning. Here participants rediscover their competence to handle the unexpected and to act under drastic circumstantial shifts. More, they receive a priceless gift to detect personal strengths they have never thought present and leave the lightless room knowing the true value of interpersonal cooperation. Darkness reveals as a medium that accelerates, expands and fortifies learning processes.

The session in the dark is followed and its benefits reinforced by a discussion to debrief the results and consolidate the lessons learned. When the lights are finally turned on, participants share their experiences and reflect on their challenges, struggles, and growths.

Considering your preferences and expectations, our workshops and subsequent analyses pertain to one of these main areas:

  • LEADERSHIP – change management, creativity, confidence, self-assessment
  • STAFF DIVERSITY – encouragement of employee potential, respect for differences, personality growth
  • COMMUNICATION – active listening, empathy, clear thought expression
  • TEAMBUILDING – cooperation, trust, collective responsibility and success

Each workshop lasts for 2,5-3 hours, up to 3,5 hours with a reflective discussion.

Maximum attendance of 33 participants.

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