Student programmes

“Dialogue in the Dark” offers programmes specifically designed for groups of children. The contents are carefully prepared to respond to the needs of different ages, audiences ranging from elementary to senior high school students.

The focus is on students developing the following basic skills:

  • Empathy and compassion – students learn about daily lives of blind and visually impaired people and their practices of interaction.
  • Non-visual communication – students enhance their speaking and listening skills.
  • Self-confidence – students overcome fears.
  • Self-awareness – students better assess themselves and their capabilities.

During a highly interactive session, students will be introduced to various tools that help visual impaired people live a fulfilling life and will learn to rely more on their auditory skills, touching and smelling. They will capture the significance of interpersonal communication and teamwork, whose role is pivotal in unaccustomed environment. Having overcome initial discomfort and unexpected obstacles, our young visitors will leave us more confident in both themselves and their peers.

Anxiety, fears, doubts and hesitation, bullying, discrimination, indifference and virtual reality immersion… If endless talks concerning these issues bring no results,
take another perspective to look at the world and your true self.

Participant comments