About “Dialogue in the Dark”

The concept of “Dialogue in the Dark” dates back to 1988 and is attributed to Andreas Heinecke, German entrepreneur, social activist, and Doctor of Philosophy. While working at a radio station, he was asked to develop a training programme for a young journalist who had lost his sight in a car accident. At the time, Andreas had no knowledge about disability, so he first doubted whether it was possible to continue living thoroughly after going blind. What he knew about blindness were mere stereotypes. But the acquaintance with the journalist was life changing for Andreas, making him discover the authentic potential of people with visual disabilities and giving rise to DID, a sensory experience that opened new horizons for both the sighted and the blind.

The first “Dialogue in the Dark” exhibition was opened in Hamburg, Germany, in 1989.

It resembles a museum where all the lights are turned off and visitors, instead of getting excited by the pictures hanging on the wall, immerse in their senses.

“Dialogue in the Dark” has won recognition and been awarded many times in different international forums. Today it is one of the world’s most successful social franchises.

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The licence gives local partners the opportunity to set up new experiential exhibitions in the dark and alongside organise business training workshops and entertainment events.

We are an official partner of “Dialogue Social Enterprise GmbH” in Lithuania. We invite companies, organisations, educational institutions and groups of friends to have an extraordinary experience at the “Dialogue in the Dark” centre in Vilnius. Our activities include teambuilding, communication, leadership and staff diversity workshops conducted in darkness under unique internationally acknowledged methods. We also offer educational and entertainment programmes for school and university students, fellow employees or friends eager to spend their time in an original and enriching way.

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