“Dialogue in the Dark” gift certificate


“Dialogue in the Dark” is an experience in complete darkness where visitors, guided by blind and visually impaired hosts, learn to adapt to a world without pictures and communicate using other senses than the sight. Darkness will require all your imaginative power, taking you to a breathtaking adventure. We promise an environment of true interaction and a broader perception of the reality we live in.

Our programmes in the dark are intended for people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Thus, young couples wanting to get to know each other more or members of the same family but different generations come to visit us. Even those coming alone quickly make new acquaintances since darkness combats social barriers and provides a sense of belonging.

Order gift certificates to any of the events we offer. A gift certificate is valid for a period of six months from the day of issue, giving its user the possibility to choose from a variety of programmes in the dark: concerts, tastings, team competitions and more.

Price buying one gift certificate: 25.00 €.
Two and more: 20.00 € each.